Our Awards and Contracts

Recognized for Excellence

Government of Canada Contracts

Government of Canada Contracts

We have been honored with multiple contracts from the Government of Canada, reflecting our reliability and the quality of our products. These contracts include:

Recognized for our selection of high-quality, efficient batteries, we are entrusted with supplying Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries to various governmental departments.

Providing Lithium Ferro Phosphate Batteries

Our commitment to sustainability and innovation is acknowledged in our contract to provide renewable and rechargeable batteries.

Supplying Renewable and Rechargeable Batteries

Acknowledging our expertise in advanced technologies, we have been contracted to supply transmitter, humidity-temperature sensors.

Delivering Transmitter, Humidity-Temperature Sensors

We have been contracted to provide geodomes, handling everything from supply and installation to maintenance. Our geodomes offer versatile, eco-friendly spaces for various city initiatives.

Turnkey Service Contract with the City of Edmonton

Our geodomes will also be a unique addition to the Valley Zoo. We will supply, install, and maintain these structures, providing a unique and engaging environment for zoo visitors.

Turnkey Service Contract with the Valley Zoo

Local Contracts

Local Contracts

Our dedication to providing top-notch service and products extends to our local communities as well. We are pleased to share that we have secured significant contracts with local governments.

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